Farmers & Prepared Foods

A. We are a producer-only market. Your product must be locally and sustainably raised BY YOU (may send employed representative).

B. Produce growers must be certified naturally organic or USDA certified organic. Special allowances may be made at the discretion of Market Manager, with full disclosure given to market guests.

i. Meats must be grass-fed or fed exclusively certified organic/certified naturally-grown feed.

ii. You may not use ingredients that contain preservatives, artificial flavors or dyes, corn syrup or hydrogenated oils, synthetic chemicals, added hormones or antibiotics.

C. Serenbe highly recommends that prepared food vendors source local ingredients, especially from other market vendors and farmers when possible.

***Georgia law requires that all food sellers have respective documents noting that you are allowed to sell your perishables to the public. Packaging and labeling must be in accordance with these governmental regulations***


A. Any art must be handmade or pieces that are not factory-produced for retail. Please provide digital photos of goods with your application if you are a new vendor.

B. Your product must be produced by you. Distributors and MLM companies are not eligible for participation.
i. Vendors outside of Serenbe may not buy from another wholesaler or retail store and then sell those products at the Serenbe Market.

**All items for sale must be listed on your application**

Vendor Fees & Booth Requirements

A. . Booth Fees are $20/week for a tent and $25/week for a shed. We are no longer able to do discounted rates for monthly vendors.
i. Sheds are offered first to returning vendors who commit to attending the market every Saturday during the season.
ii. Once returning vendors have had the opportunity, any remaining sheds will be offered to new vendors who commit to attending the market every Saturday during the season.

B. Walk-in vendors must have submitted a signed application. You may print & submit the day of market.
i. Booth Fee for walk-in vendors is $30 per week.

C. Tent spaces are 10’ x 10’. If you do not have a tent, you may rent one from Serenbe for $20 per week in addition to the weekly $20 per week booth fee.
i. Please give advance notice if you want to rent a tent; we have a limited number.

D. All vendors are required to bring their own tables and anything else needed to set up and run a smooth operation during the Serenbe Market. Serenbe is not responsible for any vendor items.

**Fees may be paid in cash or check. Please make checks out to Serenbe Experience. We will NOT allow payment by card**

Licensing and Insurance/ Compliance

A. Insurance is NOT provided by Serenbe. By signing this document, you acknowledge that you are responsible for all of your items and your person while on Serenbe grounds.

B. Vendors and their employees are responsible for knowing and complying with federal, state and local health regulations regarding product display and sale of food. Vendors providing samples of their food must comply with the rules governing market sanitation and health issues.
i. Market vendors shall comply with sanitary procedures and fully cooperate with local or state government inspections requested during market.
ii. Any vendor failing to comply or found selling contaminated food or produce, or violating any other laws or rules, will be asked to shut down.

Vendor Operations

A. The Market Manager will email all vendors WEEKLY with updates and that week's schedule.
i. If you’re listed on the schedule, you MUST respond before Friday at noon if you will miss the market that week.
ii. Missing two scheduled markets without notice is grounds to not be invited back.

B. Vendors are to arrive between 7:45 - 8:15 a.m. and be COMPLETELY SET UP by 8:45 a.m.
i. If you arrive after 8:30 a.m. you will be charged a $10 late fee and risk losing your originally assigned spot.
ii. Vendor parking is at the top of the Selborne Way hill (road next to The Hill Restaurant). There is also a path at the back of that lot you can use to unload.
iii. You may NOT drive on the Selborne Green grass!

C. The Serenbe Market ends at 1p.m. We ask you to pack up in a timely fashion and CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!
i. Please do NOT pack up before 1p.m. Consolidation is permitted in preparation for leaving, but tents and tables MUST remain up until the market ends.
ii. If you leave trash in your spot, you will receive 1 warning before being uninvited to the Serenbe Market.
iii. Do NOT use Serenbe trash receptacles to unload large boxes or unused product. You are responsible for carrying out your own garbage.

General Vendor Rules

1. Smoking and alcohol use by vendors is STRICTLY PROHIBITED at the Serenbe Market.
2. Vendors must be dressed appropriately. Shirt and shoes are to be worn at all times.
3. Vendors may NOT have any music or other loud sounds at their space. The only music will be that provided by the Serenbe Market.
4. NO weapons or fireworks are permitted.
5. All electrical equipment must be pre-approved by the Market Manager.
A. Generators are not permitted.
B. You are responsible for your own extension cords.